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A must for relaxation

With water at just the right temperature (38°), whirlpools and water jets with massaging effects and a layout that allows you to sit comfortably, the Spa is a must for relaxation. At Le Domaine, several of our lodges are equipped with an indoor or outdoor Spa. Outside, you can enjoy the fresh air and the tranquil loveliness of the countryside. Inside, you will have perfect privacy. Tell us your preference when booking.

Le Domaine - Wambrechies - Spa


Le Domaine - Wambrechies - Spa

Relax in the wooden cocoon of your sauna. Dry heat helps to release the deepest tensions and achieve a state of complete relaxation. So that you can enjoy the benefits of the sauna in complete privacy, we have provided then in several of our lodges. You can access yours whenever you want and for as long as you want.

Tell us when you book if you wish to have a lodge with a sauna. 

Nordic bath

The relaxation benefits of hot water are well known. The Nordic bath allows you to enjoy those benefits in a peaceful and natural setting.

Indeed, the wooden structure of the Nordic bath adds a touch of nature that is completely consistent with the calm decor of the Domaine. Placed on the terrace of your lodge, facing the pond, it guarantees you moments of heavenly tranquillity.

When making your reservation, let us know if you would like to experience the pleasures of a Nordic bath.

Le Domaine - Wambrechies - Spa